* Draws Uchiha fan on his back and runs away*

*is too hot to deal with his Imouto right now.*

*however he’ll make sure to watch the new Yaoi movie he found without her as punishment*

A irritant grumble is heard alongside the rustling of clothes as sweat trickled down his form. Damn this summer heat, he couldn’t even sleep because of the humidity causing the air to become sticky and stale. And yet he couldn’t just sit there in his bed doing nothing either, even when his body was already exhausted from the day’s usual training regimen.


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"Goodmorning!~" Kyoya spoke in an unnaturally cheery voice. He sighed and combed his fingers through his hair. "How is Sasuke this fine morning?"



"…" Perhaps he should have chosen a different punishment, seeing as he didn’t expect Kyoya to come and wake him up this early. Thankfully Sasuke had planned for this, just in case the Academy Student had actually managed to complete the little challenge on the first day.

Well, looks like he would be getting his surprise, if he could keep this up for the entire day that is.


"I’m fine, Kyoya neh." the raven said as a yawn escaped his lips while he sat up in his bed.

Both the ravens have had a roller coaster ride of emotions. At least Kyoya thought so. The lullaby was continued, every note perfected. Previously closed eyes opened for a second, glancing in Sasuke’s direction.

Despite Kyoya wearing glasses, he could well and truly see the tears that were shed from the Uchiha’s eyes.Warm gray eyes slightly widened in surprise, seeing as though this was the first ever time he saw Sasuke cry. He was right, both of them have had a roller coaster ride.

As Tamaki continued playing, Kyoya slowly and gently stopped, placing his violin on the coffee table and slowly making his way to Sasuke. Little did the Uchiha know, Kyoya had something else planned for him. Because see, this wasn’t a performance done just for fun. Kyoya wanted to show Sasuke just how much he appreciated what his darling shinobi had done for him the night before.

Before long, the distance between the two ravens closed, Kyoya reaching his hands out for Sasuke to take them. They found themselves in the closed position again, ready to dance, though this time the position was much more relaxed, their fingers being entwined rather than separated. A gentle smile came across Kyoya’s face and he took a step forward, an indication for Sasuke to follow his lead. The raven’s tears were still visible, but just as Sasuke hadn’t done the night before, Kyoya didn’t mention it. It wasn’t worth breaking the wonderful lullaby that was still played by Tamaki.

It seems as though Kyoya was full of surprises that morning, seeing as though he was about to do something he wouldn’t usually. He closed the space between their heads and placed his lips to Sasuke’s ear, beginning to quietly sing well known lyrics.

"Little child, be not afraid
The rain pounds harsh against the glass
Like an unwanted stranger
There is no danger
I am here tonight”

Sweet words escaped the older raven’s lips, quietly and slowly dancing to the tune. He continued singing, the lyrics clear in his head. Such a gesture as was done by Sasuke wouldn’t go unnoticed, whether it was necessary to him or not. Kyoya made sure he took notice of every single lyric when he was falling asleep so he could sing it back to Sasuke.

"For you know, once even I
Was a little child
And I was afraid
But a gentle someone always came
To dry all my tears
Trade sweet sleep for fears
And to give a kiss goodnight”

With those lyrics, he stopped singing for a second, only to kiss Sasuke’s cheek ever so gently, just as he’d done to wake the other up. The kiss obeyed the last lyric, as to kiss Sasuke goodnight. Once the small gesture was given, Kyoya began singing quietly in the raven’s ear once more. Not for once had he stopped moving to the tune, moving in a calm, relaxed way.

"Everything’s fine in the morning
The rain will be gone in the morning
But I’ll still be here in the morning”

As he came to the end of the lullaby, so did Tamaki. Silence filled the room. Though instead of parting, the two ravens’ embrace only became tighter, Kyoya making sure the silence that now surrounded them hadn’t disturbed the calmness the lullaby had created.

His brow arched when a subtle piece started to slow before vanishing entirely. Kyoya had stopped playing his violin and had made his way towards the raven, causing Sasuke immediately try and dry his tears, however unfortunately for him, no matter how hard he tried, they kept flowing. An ebony clad crown perked up once the distance between the Ootori and the Uchiha was closed completely while nimble hands had intertwined within his own. Sasuke’s expression softened entirely as the other had taken a step forward, with the younger male following suit so they could begin to perform a well deserved dance.

Though what happened next took the shinobi completely by surprise.

Somber ebony hues flicked to the side, watching carefully as Kyoya had craned his head down to the younger raven’s ear, allowing his heated breath to ghost over the shell as he started to sing the beautiful lyrics of the lullaby in sync with the melody. The combination of the blonde academy student’s enchantingly magical piano playing with Kyoya’s elegant voice breathing new life into the dear lullaby his beloved mother had sang to him as a child was enough to keep a steady flow of droplets trickling down an immaculate porcelain visage. Sasuke was truly touched at what the Ootori had done for him. When they had stopped their motions for a mere moment and the academy student had ceased his song, Sasuke perked his head up somewhat from slight confusion. This turned out to factor in his favor, seeing as the elder raven had trailed his lips to a tear stained cheek, placing a soft, gentle kiss upon the delicate flesh. Once the deed was done, Kyoya continued his movements and allowed his timbre to soar once more. It wasn’t but moments later that the elated tones had started to fade and before they knew it, the room had grown silent, save for a sniffle or two from the Uchiha. Apparently he didn’t wish for anyone to hear such sounds, seeing as he buried his face into the other raven’s chest. Slender digits unraveled from the Ootori’s so pale dactyls could rise and clasp onto the others’ clothing. It was only when a svelte hand had snaked under the Uchiha’s chin, coaxing his head to rise, that their sights locked and the glow that emanated from Sasuke’s visage glimmered softly, a pure reflection of long buried sentiments he had banished to the far corners of his broken form. Even with these gestures, the content silence had yet to be broken.

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Sass mun wen r u gonna continue the Fighting Dreamer thread? its one of my favs

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Do you also think that Kishi shipping NaruSasu is a part of him not understanding, or does he really wanna make Sasuke a poorly written character just because?


ooc: It’s definitely from him not understanding and from him not giving  a fuck. Tell me, if you were a seven year old whose entire fucking family was killed by a man you admired more than anyone else and you had an obnoxious, rude, bratty little asshole for a childhood bully alongside all the girls your age trying to catch you just to put you on display.

How would you feel?

Fast forward to the time you become a genin, that same childhood bully is on your team alongside a selfish, manipulative, even abusive girl who wants nothing more than to show you off as a trophy.

How do you feel?

Fast forward again, you decide you want to leave the village and set off on your own path because you have your own dreams and desires. Then, low and fucking behold, that same childhood bully comes crashing in with his brash ways, basically saying “YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE VILLAGE BECAUSE YOU’RE MY FRIEND AND I’LL NEARLY KILL YOU JUST TO STOP YOU AND BRING YOU BACK TO A LIFE YOU DON’T EVEN WANT ANYMORE.” Last time I fucking checked, if you threatened to break someone’s bones it was fucking illegal. BEST FRIENDS DON’T FUCKING THREATEN TO KILL YOU OVER SOMETHING TRIVIAL. Also, what gives Naruto the fucking right to tell Sasuke what to do? The loneliness he and Sasuke endured WERE COMPLETELY FUCKING DIFFERENT. Naruto doesn’t know SHIT about Sasuke’s pain. Naruto doesn’t give a fucking shit about Sasuke’s feelings, he never has. Naruto is a selfish, imbecilic, brash, oblivious BRAT. He thought the world revolved around HIM, and when Sasuke left, he essentially acted with the intent that a white blood cell does to a foreign body inside of you. Even if Sakura hadn’t made Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back, he would have still gone after him because his little world can’t have any sort of change in it unless it’s positive and beneficial to him alone.

Someone with Sasuke’s kind of trauma would never love someone like Naruto because their personalities do not match at all, and those who say otherwise have obviously never had any sort of mental trauma and have never had to deal with it alongside the other bullshit life throws at you. Sasuke requires unbridled freedeom, unconditional love, and someone with the patience of a fucking saint. Naruto has none of these qualities.

I want you to put yourself in Sasuke’s shoes, factoring EVERYTHING from the Curse of Hatred to the trauma he has suffered and you look me in the fucking eye and fucking tell me if you would love no no no TOLERATE the behavior someone like Naruto Uzumaki.

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Mun, do you think that Kishi ruins Sasuke's character because he himself doesn't really understand him?

ooc: Yes I do. Kishimoto has never experienced the trauma Sasuke has been through. As the creator, Kishi may have thought of the back story, written and illustrated it, but I highly doubt he could fully comprehend just how much that sort of trauma can damage a human being. There are a lot of psychological variables you have to factor in. A lot of the choices he has made Sasuke perform are completely out of character for him due to Kishi’s ignorance, thus completely ass fucking his character to Hell and back.





Theory of the Pixar Universe by John Negroni [detailed version]

Previously: Disney Movies in Disney Movies



This fucked me up.


theres a giant burning orb in the sky and it can burn your flesh, it can give you diseases, it can kill you, looking directly at it causes physical pain, and we all think this is okay. we like this orb.  we like to go outside and lie around on our backs when this orb is in the sky. children draw cute pictures of this levitating death orb with a smiley face on it. what is wrong with us

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