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Happy birthday, Sasuke! (23.07)

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I don’t insult people, I describe them.
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Remember, one who enjoys more is bound to suffer more because he becomes very sensitive. But suffering is not bad. If you understand it rightly, suffering is a cleansing. If you understand it rightly, sadness has a depth to it which no happiness can ever have. A person who is simply happy is always superficial. A person who has not known sorrow and has not known sadness, has not known the depths. He has not touched the bottom of his being; he has remained just on the periphery. One has to move within these two banks. Within these two banks flows the river.
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40 Days Pokémon Challenge! | Day #2
     ➥ Favorite Regional Bird: Swellow. I guess.


277 - Swellow

Swellow is very conscientious about the upkeep of its glossy wings. Once two Swellow are gathered, they diligently take care of cleaning each other’s wings.”

Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.
—Henry van Dyke, Music and Other Poems (via vigilantism)

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"HEY PRINCESS, help me find Baku. My mom's worried like shit and she hasn't been home in, like, two days-- OH and bring your Weasel brother, usually that perks 'er up!" spoke Cosu, who just so happened to easily open the window to the raven's bedroom.



"Don’t call me that." Came a stern yet stoic response as a brow twitched in an irritant manner at the shrill voice of the elder Sen-Fong sibling, but it was brushed aside somewhat at the mention of his former cousin’s absence.


"I can’t guarantee Itachi will want to come with us." He didn’t seem all that concerned with Sakune’s disappearance, evident by his tone and nonchalant attitude. "How do you know she isn’t nervous about this coronation? It’s an enormous change, becoming the matriarch of your clan. Anyone would be nervous."

"Ehh…. I can see if the bitch was like, 7 still, but she’s just 17 now and doesn’t seem like the one to even flinch at Madara when he starts flashing his sharingan. And you know how that is." Cosu started, and sat on the window sill.

"I think she’s running from it. Plus, the coronation was supposed to be held yesterday, but guess who didn’t show." the golden eyed woman informed, and put her hands to her hips. "I need your tracking skills and sharingan, I got none of those and I at least want to get respect from my dad back by bringing home his favorite little shit."

"To think she’d actually run from a big moment in life, usually she takes shit serious and goes in. I knew she was still a scaredy cat. Always been bashful as shit, but apparently she puts up a lot of walls like you."

"You’re implying he ever shuts the damn thing off. Every time I see him he has it activated.” The raven huffed as he rolled his eyes. Apparently the elder only deactivated the kekkei genkai when he had privacy, or so he heard from Izuna.

"You have Uchiha blood in you like Sakune, don’t you? You may not be considered "related" anymore, but you can’t remove something like the bloodline of another clan. Not to mention your abilities pertaining to the fire style are well above average for an Uchiha. How can you not have the Sharingan?” It was definitely odd, though late bloomers within the Uchiha were not unheard of. Never the less, Sasuke finally stood up, making sure to grab his sword before looking towards the silver haired woman.

"As I said before, it’s a huge change, anyone would be nervous about such notions. It’s not every day you become the leader of an entire clan, there are many pressures and expectations.” He only knew of such things because of how he watched his father when he was a young child. The poor man could barely sleep and rarely smiled. “Anyways, I’ll go and ask Itachi, but if he refuses then we’ll leave without him.”